Battery operated cordless Angel table lamp

Battery operated cordless angel table lamp is a diverse ranges of touch control mushroom table lamp aspecially designed in 2014 .

Angel is such a table lamp that comes after meeting all the considerations. It designed with 12×0.06w Φ 5 70 Lumen LED lightings in the ABS head with PPM Diffuser can keep light on 36 hours . Angel is more than a table lamp and decorative lighting device.It comes with seven polishes finishing of Black/White/Silver/Pink/Blue/Orange/Green. It has 3 in 1 power supply design (Battery, USB and adaptor) with 12pcs warm white LED reflected by its top.this table lamp will give you enough bright light with flexibilities of moving around staying economical in power consumption. It is needless to say that cordless Angel table lamp is one of it’s kinds and can greatly complement any of your table lamp needs.(Whole family has plastic and metal version. Both push on/off switch and touch on/off switch are optional ) .


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