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Daily-Lighting Co.,Ltd is located in Shenzhen,China which is the factory of the world. As a professional manufacture and supplier of lighting products, we are not only selling a lot kinds of lighting products, but also our great service......More

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  1. Welcome

    No matter you running big, medium or small business, if you are looking for table lamps, wall lamp, floor lamp,  pendant lamp products and other lighting products, you are in the right place. Here are the TOP 4 reasons why you’ve come to the right place.  


  2. Production Capacity


    Product Name Units Produced
    (Previous Year)
    Highest Ever
    Annual Output
    Unit Type
    Table Lamp 20000 40000 Piece/Pieces
    Wall Lamp 20000 40000 Piece/Pieces
    Pendant Lamp 10000 20000 Piece/Pieces
    Floor Lamp 10000 20000 Piece/Pieces
  3. Research & Development

    There is/are 5 – 10 People R&D Engineer(s) in the company.

    Research and development is the key part of Daily-lighting. With the efforts of experienced engineers, Daily-lighting is on the way of new product development, standard product update and resources perfection.
    Now, production capacity of Daily-lighting is getting larger and larger, for example, 10000m led strip per week.
    With Daily people, we believe everything will be better.The most important, we are making progress day by day.

  4. Quality Control
    QA/QC Induction

    In order to improve the company competitiveness and quality assurance, we established a quality assurance system based on GB/T19001 standards to meet customers’ satisfaction. We adhere to the principle of ” Good Product is Made by Excellent People”. As a high-tech enterprise, we have implemented the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. Currently, we carry out the TQM system. Though the joint efforts of employees, out product quality achieves highly praised from our customers. 

  5. Production Equipment and Facilities
    Automatical aging machine:

    It was imported from Japan in 2008, which is the first advanced automatical aging machine in led lighting field here. Its existance ensured our product quality greatly, which works on the reduplicatively comprehensive tests on the products, for examples: the repeating test of operations and behaviors appeared in the products using progress, which highly assured the quality and lifespan of our product in every using cycle.
    What’s more, with the help of this machine, the test of a series products only take 3 hours,it really promoted our capacity and quality greatly.
    We are one of the factories who take the lead in buying this machine.

    Integrated Test System

    The high precision testing can be completed, for optical parameters(luminous flux 0-300 lm (expandable), light intensity 0-300 cd),color parameters(color emperature 1300-25000 K, wavelength 380-780 nm(UV, It can be extended))and other relevant parameters.  The testing results,curve are showed in the interface of software with database storage, parameter table, print preview functions.These measurement systems are applicable for all kinds of lamps. LED testing is compatibility


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