The Tanglin Club was founded by “forty good men and true” convened a meeting for the purpose of forming a suburban social club to meet the wants of the British living in the settlement in October 1865.


Today, The Tanglin Club is one of Singapore’s oldest & prominent social clubs.The Tanglin Club today is an inviting oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation as its ambience still evokes the grace and charm of the past while reflecting its mission of being a “home away from home”.

With clients in over 100 countries around the world, our wireless restaurant table lamps are loved and experienced by millions of diners in restaurants, hotels, and resorts. But it’s still excited to cooperate with such great club in Singapore that never happened before .

We have to say , The Tanglin Club really have eye on fashion , our new born product wireless restaurant table lamps with near 1W LED will produce 85+ Lumens, ample light output for a table for four in space with some ambient light. And the lighting is adjustable with four section: High brightness- medium intensity – low brightness- off just simply touching the head of the lamp .

As you can see from the wonderful setting at restaurant and bar, our cordless lamps can be utilized to great effect in a large outdoor area, where the tables are all well-lit at the table level without the need of glary spotlights impeding on the surrounding night view.

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