New Design fashionable Led desk reading lamp 225

safe table lamp is a primary concern when you’re decorating a child’s room.There are several qualities you can look for in a table lamp to make your child safer, and prevent accidents and injuries.


Look for a table lamps that won’t shatter if they fall. Avoid shades with metal components, which can get hot, or fabric shades, which can get dirty. Avoid glass and ceramic lamps. Wood and plastic lamps are good. As far as the weight of the lamp goes, there are two qualities you can look for. If your child is prone to accidents, you may want something very lightweight that won’t harm her should it fall. Otherwise, try looking for a lamp with a very sturdy, stable and heavy base that is difficult to tip.


Many items designed for children need to be smaller than ones designed for adults.The shade should be small as well, as a child may jostle a shade that is too large, or find it more difficult to use a table lamp with a large shade, as it is more difficult to reach a switch in the case of a lamp designed with a switch near the bulb.


The design of a table lamp or its particular features is an important safety consideration. The switch should be easy to reach and manipulate. Consider purchasing a touch lamp, which is even easier for a child to use, as she merely needs to touch the lamp to turn it on and off. If your child is forgetful or likes to sleep with the light on, you can purchase lamps that turn off automatically after a certain period of time, which saves energy and improves safety.

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