Mushroom Table Lamp Featured Client – Taste Vietnam

“I believe that our quality of life very much depends on how much we enjoy our food” – Trinh Diern Vy

In 2012, Ms Vy created a brand named Taste Vietnam which enable customers to easily identify her restaurant and hotel and also reflected Vy’s passion for Vietnamese cuisine and cooking.

In her book “Taste Vietnam: The Morning Glory Cookbook”, she likens cooking to life, saying “To this day I am still learning new facts from others about food. This is an absolute joy for me, as in my eyes, life is one big recipe. It is constantly evolving like a recipe or menu does over time; the more ingredients, skill or knowledge, the better the flavour. I have always had a passion for cooking and am inspired by the idea that others share this same passion.”

As a manufacturer in lighting industry , we can absolutely in the know that passion is the powerful motivation to keep us move forward . We ache with desire to bring our lamps to many restaurants ,hotels and for individuals who desire the best at home around the world . We want to share the exceptional lighting quality which carefully conceived by professional designers who specialize in lighting .

Now we keep closer with our goal as more and more partners joined us work together . Thanks MsVy chose our mushroom table lamp . I have to say : You really have an eye on fashion.” Thanks all the support and trust in 2016 from clients and partners . See you next year !

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