Cordless battery operated touch control table lamp

Daily-lighting new design touch control table lamp are great for your dinner table and living room .

Its portable design is convenient for move that adapt to use indoor and outdoor for dinner table, living room & any activity. It has 3 in 1 power supply design (Battery, USB and adaptor). Mushroom-like appearance with 23pcs super bright LED reflected by its top, like the halo of an angel. With super bright 600Lux illumination is an extention product of original Mushroom family, we call it Ledy whose design is more elegant. Can keep light on 18~86 hours depends on different light output by selecting 4 different sections of touch: Low-Medium-High-Off.

The touch control table lamp, like many other products from Daily-lighting, comes with different variations and tastes.ETLED-18F is an extented version of ETLED-18B (metal with standard on/off switch)/18BT (metal with touch on/off switch)/18BP (plastic with standard on/off switch)/18BPT (plastic with touch on/off switch) with brighter illumination which is suitable for reading use.

If you have requirements to buy any table lamp, then ideally daily-lighting would be your first choice. After all, this item are not just a table lamp but also a decorative element to place inside your home and that knows how to emit the light for decoration and illumination purpose with all its 23 LED lumen’s. It is stylist and convenient to use. Try it .

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