3 color temperatures dimmable luxury table lamp

Lighting in the office should aim to stimulate and maintain the alertness of those working there. The best office lighting does not boil down to the type of lights used — for example, fluorescent versus incandescent — but instead its brightness and the way it’s distributed around the room.

For a large office, you would immediately think to use the same overhead lighting for the entire office and maintain uniformity. Contrary to this, it is better to use lights with different intensities. Being in a room where where all the lights are the same will strain your eyes as there is no area of focus, according to a certified lighting consultant, Doreen Le May Madden. It is better to illuminate certain parts of the office more than others. For example, use a office dimmable table lamp or a task light to illuminate your work station to create a focal area of light.

Daily-lighting new office dimmable table lamp with 3 color temperatures can touch sensor intelligently change brightness and mode (three mode for option :warm whit ,pure white,cold white ). It can be arbitrarily adjusted in 0-180 horizontally and vertically . The office dimmable table lamp designed with high quality SMD5730 led chip to providing 520 lm super bright in with Low energy consumption, saving 60% power comparing conventional light. Not believe me ? Try it !

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