Cordless Hand blown glass Jellyfish table lamp

Cordless Hand blown glass Jellyfish table lamp

Daily-lighting new LED battery operated table lamp that can reproduce 16 million colors, can be managed via a remote control APP that regulates the intensity and colors. The APP can control one lamps up to a maximum of 6 simultaneously through Bluetooth, obviously the lights will project the same intensity and same color. There is also the possibility, via two buttons to perform the color change and turn on/off. LEDs, then have a run of about 5 years whereas the use of light for 5 hours per day.

Besides ,we also designed the single color edition with warm white(3000K),cold white(4000K) and cool white(6000K) for option .

We want to create a perfect led battery operated table lamp for hospitality industry and home providing the best comfortable ,relax and romantic ambiance to our guest and family . This lamp is the absolutely right choice to you. You wouldn’t want to go on a romantic date with fluorescent lighting flickering above your head ,right ?

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